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A tactical gambit is all that is when one hears that zillion-pound application WiFi unlocker is being given away for free. For a complex algorithm based application, the interface is unusually simple. Bravado Coders!! Myth is that there is only one coder behind this whole application Robert K Temme. If the myth is true, Robert deserves Superstardom. People ears perk up when they hear something of real value is given away in the market for NADA. What is the motive behind the freeware WiFi unlocker?? Before you think I am going to guess your thoughts. "Unlocker is just an adware which is infectious" "This application is bizarre. Free WiFi is possible only in next life" "If the functionality is too much beyond anyone's comprehension Why give away for free?” Now then quell all your questions. This application aka The WiFi hacker isn't an adware. Virus Total detection ratio is 0. Before even suspecting this application, which is normal given the application's name, try scanning the file in virus total before opening. That should end your skepticity about the infectiousness of the file. Free WiFi is possible in this life as well. All that needs to be known is the application doesn't brute force the password trying every possible combination in the world. In fact contrary to what the application claims its name to be, it doesn't hack at all. Hear that again. 

WiFi Hacker download for free:

WiFi hacker doesn't hack at all. It unlocks and hence the alias name WiFi unlocker. By definition of all major sources of dictionary and the way we were defined the word ever since we were kids sounds very close to illegal. We can't change so many sources which defined us or influenced us. But we can either change our perspective that wifi password hacker isn't illegal after all or rather use the application's alias name WiFi unlocker. Rationalizing the legitimacy of the unlocker, this application has got a patent. FYI, unethical applications defined as the applications which use unethical means for its design and working won't even pass the first round of patent review. Now explaining why it’s legal. 177 countries in the world which is approximately 90% of the world joined hands on a noble cause to reduce the global monetary loss due to loss of data. What is it? Most of us subscribed ourselves to a plan provided by our ISP. Since banking, entertainment, education everything has become online everyone prefers to have an unmetered bandwidth plan and speed which will be good enough to avoid any interruptions of any kind. But not all of us can achieve maximum speed utilization point which literally consumes RAM space and connectivity. In fact only very less number of people on a scale of 100, reach maximum speed utilization point which can be counted with the number of fingers god has given us. More than 90 out of 100 people contribute to data loss which contributes to monetary loss. This has to be optimized quelling the profits of top telecommunication corporates. But for the sake of better living all the conglomerate corporates voted on this noble cause which resulted in this free application WiFi hacker.